Meet Our Internship Program Manager!

Hi there!
    My name is Lisa Birle, but you can call me Lisa Bee.  I’m excited to invite you to be part of what God is doing at Saddleback Church through our Internship Program.  Whether you are pursuing a career in full-time ministry, need college credit, or just seeking some real-world experience in a ministry setting, we have a place for you!  With over 50 unique internship opportunities across our multiple campuses, visionary leadership and creative staff of hundreds, and over 500 ministries, we are able to provide you with a learning and growth experience based on your goals and areas of interest.
    The teaching, relationships, and encouragement I received specifically during my college years helped me to come to a deeper understanding of my identity in Christ, mature as a believer, discover my spiritual gifts and how God shaped me uniquely to serve him, and equipped me for my ministry to the church and mission to the world.  My own journey has developed a passion in me for seeing college students like you have those same opportunities and relationships in order to be the disciple and leader that God has created you to be.
    A huge part of my heart is to make sure that you are provided with a role here that will allow for you to contribute to the local church in significant ways.  When some people hear the word “internship,” they think of fetching coffee, stapling packets, and licking envelopes.  That is NOT what an internship at Saddleback looks like!  I want to see you find your sweet spot for ministry and thrive in it!  You are capable, competent, and able to contribute to the church in meaningful ways that will make a difference.  We welcome your fresh perspective, unique skills, spiritual gifts, ideas, abilities, and heart.  Our church is better and stronger because of Saddleback Interns.
    I’ll let you in on a little secret—Saddleback doesn’t need interns to get stuff done.  In fact, God doesn’t need any of us.  He’d be a lot more efficient without us!  Yet, in his kindness, he has invited us to be part of the work he is doing.  We take that invitation to ministry seriously, and we take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.  That’s why fun is also a huge part of the internship experience at Saddleback.  Our program is designed to be FUN!  We know that people are rarely effective unless they enjoy what they’re doing.  Enthusiasm comes from two Greek words:  “EN” – meaning “in” – and “THEOS” – the Greek word for “God.”  Genuine enthusiasm is not a matter of psyching yourself up, but is the natural result of being in the center of God’s plan for your life.  I hope that you feel this internship is part of God’s plan for you! 
    I am so grateful to be able to serve interns at Saddleback—I get to learn alongside you (and from you!), be part of the amazing intern community here, and learn, grow, serve, and laugh every day.  All leaders are learners, and there is no better place to learn and grow than Saddleback. 
    I’m here to help answer your questions, so let me know what you need.  E-mail me at
You’re going to love interning at Saddleback!

Lisa manages the Saddleback Internship Program and is grateful to be part of a church that is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders.  A proud anteater, Lisa graduated from the University of California, Irvine (Zot! Zot!) and also has an M.T.S. in theological studies from Gateway Seminary.  She’s had a few different roles at Saddleback over her ten years on staff, including serving on Pastor Rick’s Team, the Small Groups Team, and College Ministry Team.  She is most passionate about leading and learning alongside young adults.  Lisa and her husband Nathan live in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and you can usually find them at Disneyland, Starbucks, or the Starbucks at Disneyland.