Part Time Opportunities

20s/30s Community Internship

Learn to live and lead with purpose through Saddleback’s 20s/30s Community, a ministry that offers programs for men, women, couples, and singles all designed with the intent to help them connect to a healthy small group community to grow together, support one another, and share life together.  Planning and facilitating worship gatherings, baptism, communion; leading an effective assimilation process and healthy small group ministry, communicating for life change and running an effective spiritual growth pathway, managing a process to recruit, develop, and care for volunteers; and mobilizing volunteers for PEACE initiatives are some of the experiences this internship provides.  In addition, our interns develop and demonstrate skills in spiritual disciplines, servant leadership, pastoral care, staff relationships, and social media. Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.  Current college students or recent graduates.

Art Ministry Internship

Fine arts majors or current college students will grow through an internship at Saddleback Visual Arts (SVA), Saddleback’s community-focused arts initiative, with the goal of transforming community through creativity.  An SVA intern will gain experience with designing and creating projects for the art studio, assisting with installations and interactive art pieces, engaging in social justice issues through art, gaining experience with event planning and coordinating, expanding our reach through marketing and social media, and discovering how to incorporate art into helping breathe life into our ministry’s members.  Be part of a movement using art as a vehicle to love and connect with people and with God!  Check out more about SVA on our website,  SVA is looking for an intern who can commit to 5-6 months, about 15 hours per week.  Current college students or recent graduates.

Assisted Living Ministry Internship

Intern with Saddleback’s Laguna Woods campus team as an intern with our Assisted Living Ministry, which helps brings church to a community of people who are often marginalized and forgotten.  Be part of establishing weekly mini-Saddleback worship services at independent and assisted living communities in our surrounding cities through this exciting, dynamic, and quickly growing ministry where lives are being profoundly changed every week.  Currently, we have started 41 Saddleback worship services in assisted living communities all over Orange County, averaging about 600 participants each week!  One resident said, “I never thought I would get to go to church again.  Now church comes to me!”  This internship is a great fit for anyone who has a heart for seniors and is looking for hands-on ministry, pastoral training, and a front-row seat to life change!  You’ll be able to build skills in speaking, pastoral care, event planning, training and caring for volunteers, leadership, facilitating church services, and more!

AVL Technician Internship

This internship is ideal for candidates considering entering the field of live production in the diverse areas of audio, lighting, video, stage management and stage craft.  Interns will serve side by side with the Saddleback Production staff and volunteers to provide live production technology services to events in a fast-paced environment with an emphasis to provide second mile service (Matthew 5:41-42).  Candidates who will find the best fit in this role can grasp technical terms explained and defined, are able to follow instructions and retain large amounts of data over time, learn quickly, and have a heart to serve people with sacrificial love.  Learn sonic mix theory, train in non-live events using digital sound checking technology and mix live events of various levels and dynamics around the Saddleback campus.  Gain experience in troubleshooting in the fields of audio, lighting, and video, and graphic presentations.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.  Current college students or recent graduates.

Children’s Ministry Internship

Be part of our vision to connect kids with to God and others!  Gain hands-on experience observing and practicing ministry skills through an internship with Saddleback Kids (birth through age 12). This internship includes learning the Saddleback Kids (SK) New Leader Process:  screening, recruiting, interviewing, training and developing quality volunteers.  You’ll serve with the staff overseeing, implementing, and creating age-appropriate interactive activities, crafts, and programs that help to reinforce the curriculum provided by SK.  You’ll also help prepare the age-appropriate classrooms for weekend and Wednesday night services as well as special events for children/families.  Additional experience may also include: shadowing staff and volunteer coaches, leading children’s classes, assisting in writing curriculum, observing baptism and Child Dedication Classes, learning how the staff recruits, equips and encourages volunteers; and interacting with parents.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students or recent graduates.

Film Production Internship (pre-production, shooting, editing)

Saddleback Kids produces all of their own video curriculum, and you’ll love learning what goes into production as you work on projects with our team.  Gain experience filming as you develop your passion for all aspects of video production through hands-on experience, including pre-production, shooting, and post-production.  From helping with equipment, cameras, and production to assisting with casting and organizing talent, from finding locations to editing scripts, you’ll be in the thick of the on-set mayhem and be able to apply your talent to significant projects!  Lead and serve in a dynamic ministry setting, and be exposed to industry professionals and their skills and expertise. Current college students or recent graduates.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Food Pantry Internship

Be part of Saddleback’s mission to give people hope, purpose, and food through an internship with the Saddleback Food Pantry.  There are nearly 456,000 people at risk for hunger every month in Orange County.  Hunger touches people of every age, race, ethnic group, and neighborhood.  College students interning with the Food Pantry will have a life-changing experience serving families in need in our community.  Interns will help equip and empower volunteers and learn how to determine inventory and anticipate what’s needed to serve families.  Head out into the community to support our mobile food pantries at Saddleback’s regional campuses.  Assist families with shopping in the pantry and praying for them.  Experience the power of prayer, see what it means to connect families with resources for a hand up rather than a hand out, grow our volunteers, and develop spiritually and personally as you meaningfully contribute to others’ lives.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students or recent graduates.

Graphic Design Internship

This internship is designed for college juniors or seniors who are majoring in a visual communication design or graphic design program.  Gain hands-on experience with layouts and design for print, web, and interactive projects and communicate directly with clients as you work from concept to completion on designs.  Applicants need to be comfortable working with Adobe programs, Microsoft Office, and Google Apps; have good oral and written communication skills, and be organized and detail-oriented.  If you have an online portfolio, please include the link in your application.  Current college juniors or seniors only, please.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Guest Services/Weekend Experience Internship

Learn the value and importance of why we focus on the experience for each guest here at Saddleback Church—we never want anything to get in the way of anyone hearing God’s Word before they walk into the Worship Center!   An internship with our Weekend Experience and Guest Service team is ideal for anyone seeking to be a pastor or part of a church launch, or is seeking experience with coordinating and training volunteers.  This internship involves creating an amazing experience during our weekend services through our environment (look and feel) and our volunteers (Guest Services), and learning the processes and strategies that Saddleback uses to meet these goals.  Our desire is to ensure that every guest has a positive and welcoming experience from the parking lot to the Worship Center.   You will learn why it’s important to have an appealing, clean, organized, safe, and well-marked campus.  You will also learn how to lead, train, appreciate, love on, and serve with a team of volunteers.  Minimum commitment: 30 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students or recent graduates.

HIV & AIDS Initiative Internship

God loves the sick—he loves the HIV-positive.  At Saddleback, we put this love into action through our HIV & AIDS Initiative as we offer compassion, community, and real solutions for those affected by HIV and AIDS.  You can make a difference for those affected and infected through an internship with Saddleback Church’s HIV & AIDS Initiative.  Learn how the local church is bringing hope to the 35 million people living with HIV around the globe.  Serving with staff and members, interns will learn how the local church can take a leading role in ending AIDS by caring for the sick, unleashing a volunteer labor force, handling testing, removing stigma, championing healthy behavior, and helping with medication. Interns serve hands-on in every facet of our initiative and will walk away with tools to serve in ministry.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.  Current college students or recent graduates.

Human Resources Internship

This internship is geared toward human resources or business related majors who seek hands-on experience in Human Resources. Interns can expect to learn how each of the key areas of HR work together to support the Church in our ministry to our employees. An intern will learn strategic steps in hiring the right person for the job that God has called them to, how to make new employees feel welcome and valued as part of the on-boarding process, basic knowledge of benefits and leaves of absence, and other areas in HR. The HR Intern will interact directly with employees in all areas of the Church and will have the opportunity to participate in church staff leadership training sessions as well as specific HR training.  Current college juniors or seniors or recent graduates.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Leadership Development internship

If you’re passionate about leadership development and want to learn more about what leadership looks like at Saddleback, this internship is for you.  Learn alongside our intern program manager as you become an ambassador of our program and church and help develop the next generation of leaders.  Create leadership training content, develop a recruiting strategy, learn how to interview applicants and on-board interns, lead and shepherd interns, consult with intern supervisors, gather feedback from interns and supervisors, seek to improve the intern experience, coordinate events and trainings, interface with academic institutions, and more.  A love for learning and college students is a MUST!  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students only.

Library Internship

This unique internship is a hands-on learning opportunity in Pastor Rick’s Library and is ideal for students that are in seminary or undergrads studying theology or library science. You’ll gain experience with cataloguing, organizing, shelving, and digital projects, as well as serving with volunteers. Gain a unique perspective into the behind-the-scenes world of ministry in the office in Rancho Santa Margarita. Book lovers and theology lovers would be a perfect fit for this internship!  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Local PEACE/Community Outreach Internship

Do you have a heart for seeing churches engage their surrounding communities with the gospel? As a Saddleback Local PEACE intern, you’ll gain on-the-ground experience in church-based local missions. Come engage in the “why” and the “how” behind our missional strategy known as “The PEACE Plan” and its local expression in our volunteer-led outreaches that range from serving the homeless, elderly, youth, military, neighborhoods, arts communities, and more! Come alongside our staff team as we teach you how we practically support, equip, and mobilize our members, and mentor YOU throughout your internship to help you develop your calling, gifts, and skills!  Current college students or recent graduates only, please.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Marketing Internship

This internship is geared toward marketing majors (current college students) who seek hands-on experience with creating and executing effective marketing strategies through 26 promotional channels.  Interns can expect to learn how to assess marketing priorities, build promotional schedules, cultivate and manage client relationships, and create promotional campaign reports.  An intern will learn and create marketing strategies across a variety of channels, overseeing and quality checking these channels as well.  Marketing interns will directly interact with various Communications teams such as Art, Social Media, Editorial, and Creative Services.  This internship will provide a holistic experience of the marketing profession.  In addition, interns will grow their volunteer management skills while working alongside marketing professionals and local ministries.  Current college juniors or seniors only, please.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Men’s Leadership Internship

This internship is ideal for college students and graduates looking for opportunities to learn about Men’s Ministry organization and delivery. You will learn about how men are ministered to within Saddleback: the theology, methodology, and developmental pathways. You will discover the context for men’s ministry, leadership development, support structure, delivery systems and coaching. You will also learn how to mobilize and encourage volunteers in a dynamic ministry setting.  You’ll benefit from a great experience with our Men’s Ministry Team, church members, support staff and others as you contribute to promoting the ministry to our church family and the community.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students or recent graduates.

Missions/Global PEACE Internship

Our Global PEACE internship is ideal for college students looking to make a global impact for Jesus Christ. PEACE interns will learn what sustainable and reproducible life change looks like in local communities around the world. Help develop curriculum, meet with pastoral candidates, network with existing churches, serve alongside members, support the team, and help promote PEACE to our church family. You’ll have the unique opportunity to connect with pastors around the globe and will be able to continue to develop their passion for Saddleback’s global church planting efforts.  For more information about the PEACE Plan, visit- Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students or recent graduates.

Office of the Pastor Internship

Serve with the Office Of the Pastor Team in a dynamic, high capacity setting as we serve Pastor Rick and the entire church!  As an Office of the Pastor (OOP) intern, you’ll gain a unique perspective of our church and be part of special projects for Pastor Rick’s Team, assist with staff meetings, consider the hospitality and logistical needs for special events hosted by Saddleback (examples are the O.C. Business Summit, Gathering on Mental Health and the Church, Daniel Plan Rally, training events for pastors from all over the world, etc.), gain experience with researching churches, meet and encourage pastors, improve your administrative and relational skills, and develop event planning skills—things you’ll be able to utilize in any career field.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students or recent graduates.

Orphan Care Initiative Internship

Help make the Gospel visible by empowering people to care for orphans through an internship with Saddleback Church’s Orphan Care Initiative.  You will have the opportunity to learn what an effective orphan care ministry looks like locally and globally through our Orphan Care Initiative.  Learn how Saddleback is creating practical ways that every believer can make a difference for vulnerable children all over the world.  Work side by side with staff and members as we help children remain in family, reunite with family and regain a family through adoption. Interns gain a range of experience in every aspect of the ministry, including working with churches in Rwanda as they work to close every orphanage in Rwanda by finding families for over 3,000 children. Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.  Current college students or recent graduates.

Pastoral Care Internship

Pastoral care interns will gain an overall understanding of Saddleback Church’s Pastoral Care Ministries with the goal of participating or even creating a new pastoral care project.  You’ll learn what it takes to provide the members of our church with basic pastoral care needs.  Observations will include support groups, hospital visits, funerals, and other pastoral care ministries.  Training programs include church counseling training, support group leader training, Minister of the Day crisis training duties and other programs as needed.  You’ll also gain a greater understanding of Saddleback Church’s mission locally for the community.  Current college students or recent graduates.  This is a 6-month internship and perfect for anyone pursuing ministry as a career.

Property Development Internship

This internship is geared toward college juniors or seniors or grad students working on degrees in Construction Management, Bachelor of Science, Construction Engineering or equivalent.  Candidates must be competent in Microsoft Word and Excel; Project and AutoCad experience would be a plus.  Gain experience and training with assisting in managing multiple construction projects on Saddleback’s main and regional campuses, learn to prepare and maintain project schedules, gain insight through field inspections, and help ensure that project milestones and completion dates are met.  Learn to work collaboratively, identify, analyze, manage and resolve project issues; and build relational and multi-tasking skills.  Minimum commitment: 30 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Regional Campus Internship

Want to intern at Saddleback Church but the Lake Forest campus is too far?  We also have opportunities to intern at our regional campuses, including Anaheim, Newport Mesa, Irvine, Los Angeles, Corona, South Bay, Aliso Viejo, San Clemente, and Rancho Capistrano!  Experience an internship at a regional campus with Saddleback Kids, Student Ministries, Worship Arts, and more!  An internship at a regional campus provides a unique collaborating learning environment that will mobilize you to live and lead with purpose.  You’ll help plan and facilitate weekend services, learn how to lead an effective assimilation process and healthy small group ministry, and communicate for life change and learn an effective spiritual growth pathway.  You’ll also learn effective processes for recruiting, developing, mobilizing, and caring for volunteers.  All Saddleback Church interns receive monthly leadership development training, intentional community building time, and benefit from a great experience serving alongside Saddleback Church staff and volunteers.  Learn more about our locations at  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Security Team Internship

Our Security Team seeks to demonstrate to interns what the ministry of security looks like.  Not unlike any other ministry team at Saddleback, its foundation is ministry-based.  Security interns will gain an understanding of the functions, tasks, and dynamics of security on a church campus.  They will be exposed to and trained in the many facets of security at Saddleback, including interacting with the public, functions and operations of security cameras, risk management, assisting with tracking, collecting, and compiling data; cross training at regional campuses regarding the uniqueness of regional campus security, and learning to verbally diffuse verbally combative people.  At the completion of their internship, a Security Team intern will be equipped to start or fine-tune a church security team.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.  Current college students or recent graduates.

Small Groups Network Internship

The Small Group Network is the largest global network of small group ministry leaders.  We exist to connection, encourage, and resource small group ministry leaders in relational community.  We’re looking for an intern to gain hands-on experience in helping us with our communications efforts.  This role will provide tremendous value and experience to a student who is looking to learn more about: growing a global brand, managing multiple social channels, marketing strategies, and creative solutions related to brand recognition. Hone your communications, social media, marketing, and writing skills through producing newsletters, creating and implementing a strategy to increase social media engagement, managing the communications calendar, participating in collaborative meetings, and learning about the Small Group Network.  Current college students majoring in marketing or communications. Minimum commitment: 15 hours a week for 12 weeks.

Social Media Internship

Did you know over 2 billion people use social media?  Learn how Saddleback Church leverages social media to expand our kingdom reach for Jesus Christ through an internship with our Communications Team!  The Social Media Internship requires skill and competence in writing, communication, marketing, social platforms, and a knowledge of Saddleback Church.  During this internship, you will learn all about Saddleback Church’s Social Media Strategy and Guidelines and learn how to implement them within the church and across social channels.  Serve alongside Saddleback’s Marketing, Storytelling, Web and Design teams and help speak into future social campaigns.  This is a great opportunity to take what you’ve learned at Saddleback and apply it toward a possible future career in Social Media!  Current college students only, please.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Storytelling Internship

This internship is for Journalism and English majors seeking hands-on, real-world experience.  Hone your skills by writing human interest stories for our blog, ad copy for our bulletin and website, and do any research or interviewing necessary to generate content.  Writing interns receive weekly assignments, gain experience in working in a fast-paced agency-style setting, learn what it looks like to work for a church, receive weekly feedback on writing, and have the opportunity for their work to be published to our bulletin and website.  This is a great opportunity to start or fill a portfolio, become a stronger communicator, and learn what it looks like to work with Marketing, Art, and Production teams to publish content.  Current college students only, please.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Translations Team Intern

Saddleback has 12 campuses in Southern California and 4 international campuses in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and South Manila.  Be part of the Global Church through the fascinating operations of the Translations Ministry at Saddleback Church.  Join in the experience of international conference call meetings with Saddleback’s global campus teams where you’ll be able to listen and speak into current translation projects.  Develop cross-cultural sensitivity as you take part in daily connections with our translators and ministry directors.  Good English skills as well as computer proficiency (Mac) are required for this internship, as well as an interest in intercultural studies, mission, and international ministry.  This internship collaborates with marketing and graphic arts as a part of the Communications Team.  Develop your communications skills and travel the world via a translations internship…no passport required!  Current college students only, please.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Web Design Internship

This internship is designed to give graphic and web design majors real world experience in the areas of interface design, brand identity, ad design, CSS, and Javascript development.  Learn and collaborate on projects with graphic and web design professionals.  You’ll see your design and/or development efforts utilized by real users of our many traffics web properties.  A well-equipped intern will have some experience in either the Adobe suite of products, or CSS, HTML, and Javascript.  Current college students only, please.  Minimum requirement: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Women’s Leadership Internship

If you are passionate about unleashing women’s potential for living lives of purpose as they deepen their relationship with God and other women, this internship is ideal for you.  Learn the theology, methodology, and developmental pathways through which Saddleback ministers to its women’s communities, and utilize that knowledge to love and lead the women of Saddleback Church. Discover the context for women’s ministry, leadership development, support structure, and delivery systems.  Learn how to mobilize and encourage volunteers in a dynamic ministry setting.  Serve alongside the Minister of Women’s Communities as you learn how to conduct assessments, evaluate programming, build and equip leadership teams, receive mentoring and coaching, engage volunteers, and collaborate across multiple ministries.  Minimum commitment: 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Current college students or recent graduates.

Worship Arts Internship

Gain experience in a variety of roles as you practice under the mentorship of a Worship Arts Team staff member while concentrating on observation of, participation in, and leadership of various worship ministries of Saddleback Church.  Gain experience with preparing and helping execute plans for weekly choir, vocal team, and worship band rehearsals and develop a working knowledge and understanding of biblical worship principles and worship planning and design in order to effectively apply these principles in various congregational and cultural contexts.  Grow in your knowledge of music notation software, visual medial tools, lighting equipment, production, and sound system basics, and learn about long-range planning, facility/equipment scheduling and maintenance, copyright issues, music product resources, event promotion, and people management. This internship is designed to equip interns for future health and leadership at a church that is effectively reaching its community for Christ.  Minimum commitment: 25-30 hours per week for 12 weeks.  Current college students or recent graduates.